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About Nevada State Assembly

The Nevada State Assembly meets at the state capital in Carson City Nevada. It is the lower part of the State Legislature and is the legislative branch of the state government. It creates state laws and is responsible to establish a state budget.

What Does An Assemblyman Do?

The authority and responsibilty of the Nevada State Asssembly include passing bills on public policy matters, establishing and setting levels for state spending, lowering or raising state taxes and voting to uphold or overide the Governor's vetos.

What Does A Bad Assemblyman Do?

A bad State Assemblyman do not care or listen to their constituants but rather prefer to be influenced by money and lobbying. Their lobbyist friends create PACS to fund their campaigns and keep them in office.  Inspiring candidates using grassroot fundraising campaigns usually cannot compete financially against the Lobbyist PAC funds. Bad Assemblymen use their office seat as a pipeline to higher office positions.

What Rudy Clai Will Do As Your Assemblyman!

"I will represent the interest and wishes of my constiuants, not Lobbyists or special interest groups. I will make the State accountable for our hard-earned taxes that we pay.  I decided to run for Nevada State Assembly not to write new laws, but mostly to repeal and remove exsisting laws that take away our liberty and freedom."--Rodolfo "Rudy" Clai

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