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What Is A RINO?

A RINO means Republican In Name Only.  These are politicians posing as Republicans but are really Democrats. They are usually funded by Lobbyist PACS.

They lie to Republican Constituants to get elected then vote against everything they promised not to do.  Their campaign strategy is to smear or get people to smear good conservative candidates hiding behind web sites and social media sites.

These RINOs when elected go against good conservative values and vote as liberals on such issues as taxes, abortion and gun rights.

They are also referred to as Me-too Republicans. When Democrats attack conservative Republicans, they jump on the democratic bandwagon attacking and smearing. We all saw many so called Republicans attacking President Trump in his Presidential term calling for investigationd against the President.

We also saw these RINO politicians smear and call for investigations during the nomination process of Supreme Court Candidates.


Remember, these Rino Politicians during the election season. Remember those who attacked President Trump, those who voted against gun rights, those who smeared Supreme Court Candidates and especially those who supported mail in ballots that stole recent elections.


DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE! Research the history of these candidates and remember the old wise saying " Birds of a feather flock together. See who they associate with in politics and social media.

"I, along with my family and associates were viciously attacked during my candidacy for Clark County Republican Chairman. They smeared my name by calling me a racist and anti semite. They smeared my campaign associate Matt Anthony, the same way even though he is of Russian Jewish heritage. These RINOS made our lives a complete hell with their lies and smears. These RINOs who smeared us was

then Clark County Republican Chairman, David Sajdak, who was caught in his lies and ran away to Georgia, Vice Party Chair Stephen Sliberkraus, RINO Republican Senator Carrie Ann Buck, Richard McClain and their associates. Watch out for future anticks and pathetic smears from these RINOS and look for future candidates that they back."---Rudy Clai

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