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The Clai Foundation

The Clai Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Rudy Clai, formed to create a coalition of caring professionals who have committed to help people and families who are unfortunately often forgotten by society.

Image by Abigail  Keenan

Helping the Homeless

The Clai Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps people and families rebuild their lives by our family reunification services and our direct cash transfer program to assist the homeless.

Antique Shop

Heart to Heart Store

When you donate furniture, household items, clothes and goods our Heart to Heart Stores, proceeds will be used to fund one of our many charities.

Santa's Love

Santa's Christmas Kettle

Santa's Christmas Kettle is The Clai Foundation's

popular store front campaign during the Christmas Season through it's volunteers who stand outside retail businesses and corners ringing bells and entertain to inspire passersby to donate in their magic kettles.

The Clai Foundation's Celebrity Santas is a program where if the donator recognizes the celebrity, Rudy Clai will personally match the donation dollar for dollar.

Cocktail Party


Typically, the years calendar is packed with galas and benefits. Our fundraiser events are held to raise funds for for all manner of our different charities and they vary in level of grandeur at each event, from summer barbeques to our Black-Tie Balls.

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